Hydro Olej UV

Water – based UV oil effect coating cycle for wood flooring with high productivity


IVM Chemicals Laboratories have developed for Ilva a water-based UV coating cycle for industrial use specifically designed for pre-finished wood flooring, which combines the unique aesthetic qualities of traditional oil manufacturing with the advantages and productivity of water-based UV coatings.

The coating cycle, consisting of clear UV water-based primer and top-coat, perfectly reproduces the particular oil effect of the solvent-based products, and overcomes all the limits of oils for wooden flooring, that have lower resistance performance than wood coatings.

UV technology allows the application and drying short times typical of industrial manufacturing with productivity levels higher than those of the handcraft oil application.

The water – based formulation reduces the unpleasant smell and the residual emissions that over time can be released from the surfaces treated with traditional solvent-based oils in domestic environments.

The top-coat and the primer are completely transparent to preserve as much as possible the natural look of wood, and the high resistance to yellowing of the coating cycle over time ensures the stability of the original color of the substrate chosen.


Main advantages of the HYDRO OLEJ UV coating cycle:

  • Natural look of wood
  • Maximum yellowing resistance of the coating film
  • Chemical and physical resistances improved compared to traditional oils
  • High productivity thanks to UV manufacturing processes
  • Immediate stackability
  • Very low residual emissions and absence of unpleasant smell in indoor environments
  • Low tendency to attract dirt and easy to clean
  • Possibility of treatment with traditional maintenance products