Wood surfaces are transformed into a blackboard on which to write, erase, edit, draw, solve a problem ...

Thanks to Blackboard Special Effect, the door of a cabinet can be customized with a sentence, the door with a drawing, different each day ...

And you can scribble directly on tables!

The strokes of chalk, white or colored, do not leave marks on surfaces even if they are not cleared for several days!
Just pass a simple cotton cloth, or, for a more thorough cleaning, a damp cloth



The Blackboard effect faithfully reproduces the typical shades of slate, with accents ranging from classic black to blue through dark green.

It is not only the color effect to be played, but also the typical Blackboard stone features which allow you to write or draw with white or colored chalk.

The effect is obtained by applying on a polyurethane basecoat (PA30) the specific basecoat TAS512 in the typical blackboard colors (Black, Blue and Dark Green) or any other Dark color desired. The colors are obtained by using TAS512 in combination with pigmented pastes PZ330 ColorSeries.

The clear top-coat TOM5377 gives the resistances necessary to write and draw with chalk, which does not leave permanent traces on surfaces, though not deleted for several days.